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Daniel's been holed up in his room with research for a while.

But archaeologist cannot live on intellectual stimulation alone, and so, after finally actually eating something, he's heading back to his room with a large thermos full of coffee.

How predictable.
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Daniel's in his bedroom, not-sleeping. Buffy's in the guest room, the one that's usually occupied by Jack or Sam after nights of too much to drink when they'd come too close to not coming back alive. She hasn't met his friends yet, which Daniel thinks is probably for the best, all things considered. She and Jack might get along - and if they didn't, it might do Jack some good to get his butt kicked by a girl barely over five feet - but Daniel wants his guest to be comfortable, so he hasn't mentioned to his friends that she's there yet. He's shown her Colorado Springs, introduced her to his fish, and cooked meals for her, but they haven't talked much, really. The connection he feels to her is a little strange, but he thinks maybe it's a holdover from when he was Ascended and she was in Heaven, because nothing else could explain it. Shared experiences, shared pain, it helps them both, and if Daniel had ever had a child he thinks that might be something like what he feels for Buffy, though he doubts any father ever really understood his daughter as well as he understands his friend.

He's lying awake in bed, thinking about these things, and thinking about Eris. Wondering if she wonders where he is, wondering if she cares. Wondering if she's all right. If she knows Buffy's there and is upset over it. Hoping she knows it's not like that, hoping she knows that Buffy's 15 years or so younger than him and he hasn't been interested in 23-year-olds since he was one. Hoping he'll see her soon.
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The hand that's not clutched in Eris' closes the door behind them as Daniel follows the goddess into his apartment. The place is empty except for his fish, and if they're surprised to see a beautiful blonde precede him into the living room, it's impossible to tell from their faces.

"Uh, this is my apartment...kitchen, living room, dining room of sorts...bathroom..." Daniel points out all the rooms as he speaks their name, then blushes faintly, pointing behind them. "And that would be my bedroom we just came out of, if it wasn't the bar instead."


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